About 7,000 jobs currently available in Estonia for Ukrainian refugees

A total of 7,000 jobs are available in Estonia for all Ukrainian refugees, offered through the Unemployment Insurance Fund.

In this regard, Deputy Secretary-General for Labor Policy at the Ministry of Social Affairs Ulla Saar said that it is important for Estonia that the Ukrainian refugees who have arrived in the country be able to become independent as soon as possible and find a job, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.

“For example, with the help of career advisers and consultants, we can look at the obstacles faced by the working-age refugees who have not yet entered the labour market. This may be due to caring for young children, working remotely for an employer in Ukraine, or the need to upgrade skills in order to find a suitable job,” she pointed out.

Recent data from Estonian statistics have revealed that a large proportion of working-age people who have received temporary protection have found work in a short period between March and June. According to these data, the employment rate of persons aged 20-64 who have been granted temporary protection is increasing every week and now has reached 38 per cent.

The main analyst of Estonia Statistics, Kaja Sõstra, stressed that Ukrainian refugees are relatively educated but that the lack of Estonian language knowledge will force them to be employed in positions for which they are overqualified according to their educational level.

“Compared to the labour market as a whole, there are relatively more Ukrainian nationals mainly among unskilled workers as well as craft and related trades workers, and relatively less among managers and professionals,” he also added.

For Ukrainian refugees with temporary protection, the most common profession is that of cleaners, while among those with residence permits, the most popular profession is that of a welder. In addition, those who do not have temporary protection and Ukrainian citizens with short-term work permits work more often as packers.

However, the last group also includes many skilled professionals, especially software developers. Moreover, among the Ukrainians, the most popular activity is the economic one.

There are many differences in activities between groups of Ukrainians, as temporary protection beneficiaries are more often employed in the trade sector as well as in accommodation and food service. Thus, Ukrainian citizens with short-term work permits are more likely to find employment in administrative and support services and construction activities.

On June 16, Estonia revealed that it had accepted more than 40,000 Ukrainian refugees since May 24, and that the state had also granted temporary protection to each of them.

At the same time, the Estonian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Andres Sutt, announced that the country would allocate €200,000 in emergency aid to refugees coming from Ukraine.

SOURCE: Schengen Visa Info


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