Over 44,000 refugees flee Ukraine into neighbouring countries in one day

More than 44,000 refugees arrived in neighbouring countries from Ukraine in the past day, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said on Saturday, highlighting the continued mass exodus from the conflict in Ukraine.

According to the latest statistics posted on the UNHCR website, 5,801,159 people have fled Ukraine since Russia launched its military operation in the Eastern European country.

The UN refugees agency noted that some 739,418 refugees arrived in Russia, 3,167,805 in Poland, 857,846 in Romania and 557,001 in Hungary.

On Friday, UNICEF reported that some 7.7 million people had been internally displaced in Ukraine.

UNICEF's Regional Advisor - Child Protection for Europe and Central Asia, Aaron Greenberg pointed out that the situation is creating a child protection crisis of extraordinary proportions.



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